APL210 Limit switch box

I have introduced the matching accessories and selection methods of pneumatic butterfly valve with you. The interested partners should have a preliminary understanding of the accessories of pneumatic butterfly valve. Today, I will talk with you about the functions and functions of various accessories of pneumatic butterfly valve. Next, let’s take a look at the function introduction of the accessories of the pneumatic butterfly valve with Xiaobian.
Function introduction of accessories of pneumatic butterfly valve.

Pneumatic butterfly valve
Pneumatic butterfly valve

1. Double acting pneumatic actuator: two position control for opening and closing of pneumatic butterfly valve.
2. Spring return type pneumatic actuator: in case of circuit or air circuit cut-off or failure, it can automatically open or close the pneumatic butterfly valve under the action of spring.
3. Single electric control solenoid valve: only one coil, when energized, the valve opens or closes, when de energized, the valve switches or opens.
4. Double electric control solenoid valve: there are two solenoid coils. When one coil is powered on, the valve opens, and when the other coil is powered on, the valve closes, with memory function.
5. Limit switch annunciator: remote transmission valve’s signal of opening to position or closing to position.
6. Electric positioner: adjust the opening of the valve according to the current signal (standard 4 ~ 20mA), and adjust the medium flow.
7. Pneumatic positioner: adjust and control the medium flow according to the opening of the size control valve of the air pressure signal (standard 0.02 ~ 0.1MPa).
8. Electrical converter: converts the current signal into the air pressure signal, which is used together with the pneumatic positioner.
9. Three parts of air source treatment: including pressure reducing valve, filter and oil atomizer, which are mainly used to stabilize the air source, clean and lubricate moving parts.
10. Manual operation mechanism: when the circuit and air circuit are cut off or fail, the automatic control fails or is abnormal, and the pneumatic butterfly valve can be opened or closed through the manual operation mechanism. Recommended reading: is there any way to extend the service life of pneumatic actuator?
Function introduction of accessories of pneumatic butterfly valve. The above is the analysis of the accessories of pneumatic butterfly valve and their respective functions. Whether using pneumatic butterfly valve or any other type of valve products, we can understand it from multiple angles, so as to better operate and use it.