The self-operated pressure regulating valve does not need external energy, and uses the energy of the medium to be adjusted as the power source to introduce the actuator to control the position of the valve core, change the pressure difference and flow at both ends, and stabilize the pressure before (or after the valve). The self-operated pressure regulating valve has the advantages of sensitive action, good sealing performance, and small fluctuation force of the pressure set point.
Self-operated pressure regulating valve series products have single seat, sleeve, double seat and three kinds of structures; the actuator has two kinds of diaphragm type and piston type; the function type includes pressure adjustment after pressure reducing valve and pressure adjustment before pressure relief valve . The nominal pressure grade of the product is PN16, 40, 64; the valve body diameter ranges from DN20 to 300; the leakage level has three grades: II, IV and VI; the flow characteristic is quick opening; It can be combined as needed to meet the user’s working conditions

Self-operated pressure regulating valve Product features
(1) The self-operated pressure regulating valve does not require additional energy, and can work in places without electricity and gas, which is convenient and saves energy.
(2) The pressure segment range is narrow and intersects with each other, and the adjustment precision is high.
(3) The pressure setting value can be continuously set during operation.
(4) To adjust the pressure after the valve, the ratio of the pressure before the valve to the pressure after the valve can be 10:1 ~ 10:8.
(5) Rubber diaphragm type detection, the actuator has high measurement accuracy and sensitive action.
(6) The pressure balance mechanism is adopted to make the control valve respond sensitively and control accurately.