self-operated after-valve pressure regulator is composed of the control valve, actuator and a spring used for pressure setting. It is suitable for controlling after-valve pressure in the pipes of non-corrosive liquids, gases and vapors. When the after-valve pressure rises, the control valve is closed.


Trim features

Trim features: cage guided, balanced trim
Body type: straight-through type
Bonnet type: standard type
Flow characteristic: quick open
Size: DN15-300(1/2”-12”)
Pressure class: PN1.6、4.0Mpa(ANSI 150、300LB)
Leakage class: ASME B16.104 Ⅴ(soft seal)
ASME B16.104 Ⅳ(hard seal)
Pipe connection type: flange type
Set value error: ±8%
Applicable temperature range: -30C° ~ 250C°
Actuator type: diaphragm actuator(self-operated)
piston actuator(self-operated)