Specification: DN15~DN80
1. Product certification: ISO9001, CE, CCC
2. Valve body material: 316/316L
3. Drive type: pneumatic control (normally open, normally closed, double-acting)
4. Maximum working temperature: 150℃
5. Ambient temperature: -10℃~60℃
6. Maximum working pressure: 10bar
7. Drive mode: manual
8. Sealing material: Teflon, Nitrile Butadiene Non-toxic rubber
9. Applicable medium: EPDM-steam, PTFE-water, water, medicine, oil, steam, neutral gas or liquid, dairy products, organic solvents, acid and alkali solvents, etc.
10. Widely used: food, pharmacy, beer, beverage, biological engineering, water treatment, daily chemical, mechanical equipment, automation equipment and other fields.