POV VALVE firmly adheres to the quality policy and goal of “improving continuously and seeking zero defect". We have established the internal quality assurance system at a level higher than international, domestic standards and customer requirements for the implementation of comprehensive, whole-course quality management. POV VALVE is provided with the first-class inspection center where various tests and inspections from product prototype test till product final inspection are independently completed. These tests and inspections include: radiographic flaw detection, dye penetrant flaw detection, magnetic particle flaw detection, ultrasonic flaw detection, spectrum analysis, positive material identification (PMI), metallographic examination, various mechanical properties tests, fire test, cryogenic test, high temperature test, vacuum test, fugitive emission test, high pressure gas test, hydrodynamic test, product life test, hydraulic test and other valve tests. In order to ensure the blank quality, POV VALVE has established its own foundry, so that all chains from production of raw materials till delivery of finished products are effectively controlled. While practicing the “zero defect” internally, POV VALVE also adopts advanced data statistical analysis to continually improve process control and management capability.