The PTFE-lined butterfly valve adopts a two-piece valve body combination. The valve seat and the valve body lining are integrated. When the valve is working, only the all-plastic valve seat and the plastic-lined butterfly plate are in contact with the medium. The valve can withstand the medium corrosion of the lining material. It adopts a four-pole sealing structure and is equipped with a temperature-resistant and anti-aging SI rubber elastic gasket on the sealing surface, which completely achieves zero leakage of the medium, has tight sealing performance, and has a long service life.
2. Standard technical parameters
1) Valve body
Nominal diameter: DN50-600
Body material: WCB,304,316
Connection type: wafer, fl ange, lug wafer
Pressure class: PN1.0MPa, PN1.6MPa
Structure: Midline type
Design and manufacturing standards
Design and manufacture: GB12238
Connection standard: JB/T79.1-1994
Structure length: GB/T12221-2005
Pressure testing: GB/T13927-2008
2) Valve components:
Seat sealing: PTFE:-30~140℃
Disc material: WCB,304,316 lining PTFE
Applicable medium: Water, liquid, gas, oil, powder,steam, acid and alkali corrosive medium