Single-seat shut-off valve

Size: DN10-600(3/8”-24”)
Bonnet: standard ,heat dissipation ,cryogenic ,bellows
Characteristic: equal percentage ,linear quick open
Pipe connection: flange,butt welding type
Actuator: pneumatic diaphragm actuator,pneumatic piston actuator, electric actuator



    single-seat control valve adopts the fluid pressure unbalanced plug structure. The combination of the unique single-seat plug and cage top-guided trim structure enables it to have dynamic stability of the cage control valve in addition to the advantages of the single-seat control valve, so that the repetitive positioning precision of the trim is enhanced and seat sealing tightness is ensured. The quick disassembly type trim structure makes it convenient to upgrade the trim. It is suitable for various media such as liquids, gases, pulps, polymers, high temperature media, etc. in control and shut-off applications.

    Parameters of control valves

    Trim features: top guided
    unbalanced trim
    quick disassembly type cage structure
    Body type: straight-through type
    angle type
    Bonnet type: standard type
    heat dissipation type
    Flow characteristic: quick open
    Size: DN15-80(1/2”-3”)
    Pressure class: PN1.6、4.0、6.3Mpa(ANSI 150、300、600LB)
    Leakage class: ASME B16.104 Ⅴ(standard type metal seat)
    Pipe connection type: flange type
    butt welding type
    Applicable temperature range: -196CC° ~ 550CC°
    Actuator type: pneumatic diaphragm actuator
    pneumatic piston actuator
    electric actuator