Hydraulic Power Unit

For valve type:butterfly valve,ball vavle,shutdown, check valves


    Hydraulic station is composed of motor oil pump, manifold or valve combination, fuel tank, electrical control box combination. The function of each component is as follows:

    • Motor oil pump – the motor and oil pump, which is the power source of the hydraulic station, the mechanical energy into hydraulic oil power.
    • The manifold is a combination of a hydraulic valve and an oil block, which regulates the direction, pressure and flow of the hydraulic oil.
    • Valve group – superposition of the valve group, plug-in valve and so on.
    • The tank is a semi-enclosed container welded to the steel plate. It is also equipped with a filter oil net, an air cleaner, etc. for oil storage, oil cooling and filtration.
    • Electrical control box – A complete set of control electronics or terminal boards with only external leads