pressure reducing valve

Maintenance and overhaul
1.The pressure reducing valve should be stored in a dry room. Both ends of
the passage must be blocked with blind plates and not allowed to be stacked.
2.The long-term storage pressure reducing valve should be inspected regularly
to clean the dirt. It should be rust-proofed on all moving parts and processing
surfaces to prevent rust.

The pressure reducing net should be installed in a place convenient for
operation and maintenance, and must be installed upright on the horizontal
pipe (present installation diagram). It should be noted that the flow direction of
the medium in the pipeline is consistent with the direction indicated by the
arrow on the valve body. Anti-loaded

There is a straight pipe before and after the installation of the
decompression chamber. The length of the straight pipe in front is about 600
meters, and the length of the straight pipe behind the net is 1,000 meters.

Pressure reducing valve

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