Pneumatic knife gate valve

1.  Overview

Pneumatic drive, wafer-type connection, rising rod parallel rigid single gate, valve seat sealing surface is cemented carbide and PTFE, nominal pressure PN10~16, valve body material For carbon steel (PZ673H-10C~16C), stainless steel (PZ673F-10P~16P PZ673Y-10P~16P), gate valve with slag discharge function.

knife gate valve can complete the action control and signal output of open and close positions, and can also complete the automatic control of continuous action by matching with electromagnetic valve, proximity switch and other accessories. Users can choose according to actual needs. Nominal diameter DN50~DN800, working pressure 1.0~1.6MPa. The product is widely used in chemical, coal, sugar, sewage, papermaking and other fields. It is an ideal sealing valve, especially suitable for adjustment and throttling on pipelines in the papermaking industry.

2.  main performance specifications

Nominal pressure 1.0/1.6 (MPa)
Shell test 1.5/2.4 (MPa)
Sealing test 1.1/1.8 (MPa)
Working temperature≤100℃/≤425℃
Applicable media: pulp, sewage, coal slurry, ash, slag-water mixture

3. Material of Main Parts
Body, cover: stainless steel, carbon steel, gray cast iron
Disc: carbon steel, stainless steel

Stem: Stainless Steel

Sealing Surface: Rubber, PTFE, Stainless Steel, Carbide