pilot-operated pressure regulator (after-valve control)

pilot-operated pressure regulator (after-valve control) is composed of the control valve, actuator and a pilot used for pressure setting. It is suitable for controlling differential pressure in the pipes of non-corrosive liquids, gases and vapors. When the after-valve pressure rises, the control valve is closed.

Parameters of control valves:

Trim features: 1、Built-in bellows provided with pressure balanced structure and high sensitivity
2、Compact structure, reliable performance, free of maintenance
3、The standard modular design is adopted
4、Various combined controls can be carried out through the assemblies
Body type: straight-through type
Bonnet type: standard type
heat dissipation type
Flow characteristic: quick open
Size: DN15-300(1/2”-12”)
Pressure class: PN1.6、4.0Mpa(ANSI 150、300LB)
Leakage class: ASME B16.104 Ⅴ(soft seal)
ASME B16.104 Ⅳ(hard seal)
Pipe connection type: flange type
Set value error: ±4%
Applicable temperature range: -30C° ~ 350C°
Actuator type: diaphragm actuator(self-operated)
piston actuator(self-operated)