Manual Natural Rubber Pinch Valve

Natural Rubber Pinch Valve (also known as hose valve) is a unique form of a new type of valve, because of its excellent wear Corrosion resistance and favored,adapted t low-pressure pipeline particle slurry or chemical medium transport control system.
Pinch valve open convenient and flexible, good sealing performance, put an end to the occurrence of such phenomena as the drip, hose can be regular Replacement, and the valve can be long-term use, cost savings.
Pinch valve can replace the gate valve, globe valve and control valve to improve the service life of 5-10 times
Body: Aluminum alloy Cast Iron, Stainless Steel
Pressure: PN6 PN10
Size: 1/2″ -12″ (15mm – 300mm)
Flange accommodation:
EN 1092 PN 6/PN10/PN16
ASME Class 150
AS 4087 PN 10/ PN 16
JIS 5K/10K
Body style: flange
The sealing ring :
wear-resistant natural rubber
natural rubber
food industry of high temperature resistant natural rubber
ethylene-propylene rubber
Ding Qing Nitrile three EPDM, /VITON/FPM Silicone
fluorine rubber chloroprene rubber /Neoprene
chlorosulfonated polyethylene rubber Hypalon/CSM butyl acrylate /Butyl and other materials such as other material needs please tips.
Applications: cement, silo, sand, mineral materials, limestone, clay, marl, sand, slurry