globe valve ANSI standard

一. J41H/W ANSI Standard Globe Valve–Overview

J41H/W ANSI standard globe valve is suitable for cutting off or connecting pipelines in various working conditions such as petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, fertilizer, electric power industries with nominal pressure PN1.6~16MPa and working temperature -29~550℃ medium. The driving methods are manual, gear transmission, electric, pneumatic, etc.

二. J41H/W ANSI Standard Globe Valve–Structural Features

1. The design and manufacture of the products meet the requirements of advanced foreign standards such as American National Standard ANS1B16.34 and American BS1873.

2. The shape of the valve body is barrel-shaped or streamlined, and the shape is beautiful. The flow shape is straight-through. Fluid resistance is small.

3. The sealing surface of the closing part (gate) and the valve seat is sealed by a conical surface, which has a small closing force, is resistant to erosion and has a reliable seal.

4. The valve seat can be a replaceable valve seat, which can be arbitrarily combined with the material of the closing sealing surface to meet the requirements of the working conditions and prolong the service life.

5. The large-diameter, high-pressure globe valve adopts a lifting rod for the transmission mode of the valve stem according to the needs of the closing force, and is equipped with a rolling bearing type and adopts an impact handwheel to reduce the closing force.

6. The material of the main body, internal parts, packing and fasteners can be reasonably combined according to user requirements or actual working conditions.

三. J41H/W ANSI Standard Globe Valve – Design Standard

Design and Manufacture Structural:ANSI B16.34 BS1873
Structure length:ANSI B16.10
Flange Dimensions:ANSI B16.5
Butt Weld Connection Dimensions:ANSI B16.25
Pressure-Temperature:ANSI B16.34
Test-Inspection:API 598