Free Float Traps

一.Free Float Traps–Overview

The structure of free float trap is simple. There is only one movable part inside. The stainless steel hollow float is finely ground. It is both a float and an opening and closing part. It has no vulnerable parts and has a long service life. Automatic air exhaust device, very sensitive, can automatically exhaust air, high working quality.

When the equipment is just started, the air in the pipeline is discharged through the Y series automatic air exhaust device, the low-temperature condensed water enters the trap, the liquid level of the condensed water rises, the float rises, the valve opens, the condensed water is quickly discharged, and the steam enters quickly. Equipment, the equipment heats up rapidly, the temperature-sensing liquid of the Y series automatic air exhaust device expands, and the automatic air exhaust device closes. The steam trap starts to work normally, the float ball rises and falls with the condensate level, and the steam is blocked and drained. The valve seat of the free floating ball trap is always below the liquid level, forming a water seal, no steam leakage, and good energy saving effect. The minimum working pressure is 0.01Mpa, and it is not affected by temperature and working pressure fluctuations within the range from 0.01Mpa to the highest working pressure, and it continuously drains. It can discharge condensed water at saturation temperature, the minimum subcooling degree is 0℃, and there is no water in the heating equipment, so that the heating equipment can achieve the best heat exchange efficiency. The back pressure rate is greater than 85%, making it one of the most ideal steam traps for production process heating equipment.

free-float ball trap is the most ideal trap for industrial heating equipment such as petroleum, chemical, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical, paper, food, etc.

二. Free float ball trap – specifications and technical parameters

Nominal diameter (DN): 15-150

Nominal pressure (PN): 1.6-4.0Mpa

Maximum working pressure (PMO): 0.2-1.6

Maximum operating temperature (TMO): 350℃

Working medium: steam condensate

No-load air leakage rate is less than 3%; subcooling degree is 0.5%

三. Free float trap – working principle

The free float trap has a simple structure, with only a finely ground stainless steel hollow float inside, which is both a float and an opening and closing part, with no vulnerable parts and a long service life. When the device is just started, air and low-temperature condensate appear in the pipeline. The manual air exhaust valve can quickly remove the non-condensable gas, the trap starts to work, the low-temperature condensate flows into the trap, the liquid level of the condensate rises, and the float rises. Open the valve. The device raises the temperature quickly, and before the temperature in the pipeline rises to the saturation temperature, the automatic air exhaust valve has been closed; the device enters the normal operation state, the condensate water decreases, the liquid level drops, and the float ball adjusts the flow rate of the valve hole with the rise and fall of the liquid level; When the entry is stopped, the floating ball approaches the valve seat with the flow of the medium and closes the valve. The valve seat of the free float steam trap is always below the liquid level, forming a water seal and no steam leakage.