Electric soft seat butterfly valve Description

resilient seated butterfly valve surpasses the high standards required in sanitary valve applications, and inherent flow characteristics and capabilities. butterfly valve is a wafer version with flange locating holes, and is the companion lug version for dead-end service and other flange requirements.

Body: Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Aluminum Stainless Steel,CF8,CF8M,CF3M
Disc: Stainless Steel CF3M,CF3,CF8M, Nylon Coated Ductile Iron, Aluminum Bronze, Double Stainless Steel,2507,1.4529
Stem: Stainless Steel
Seats: NBR,EPDM,PTFE,VITON, FKM* Polyurethane
Size: 1″ – 40″ (25mm – 1000mm)
Flange accommodation: EN 1092 PN 6/PN10/PN16
ASME Class 150
AS 4087 PN 10/ PN 16
JIS 5K/10K
Top flange:ISO5211
Temperature range: -40 °C to + 200 °C (depending on pressure, medium and material)
Body style: wafer
Applications: Potable Water, Wastewater, Seawater, HVAC

Sanitary & Chemical applications
One-piece disc/stem
High Cv, low pressure drop

Electric Actuator
Output Torque 50Nm to 2000 Nm)
Control: ON-OFF type、Regulation type
Control signal: 4-20 mADC、0-5 VDC、0-10 VDC
Power: 12 VDC,24 VAC,24 VDC,220 VAC,120 VAC,380 VAC 50/60 Hz ±10%
Water-proof actuator:IP67
Option specification:
Explosion-proof actuator: Exd II CT5
Water-proof actuator:IP67