pneumatic actuator

Torque: 8Nm -7500 Nm
Control: Double acting,Single acting
Annex: Solenoid valve, limit switch box,E/P positioner, hand wheel
Travel range: 0-90°
Valve type: ball valve, butterfly valve and other rotary valve

Pneumatic actuator parameters

Indicator: Position indicator with NAMUR is convenient for mounting accessories such Limit Swich box
Pinion: The pinion is high-precision and integrative,made by mickelled-alloy steel,full conform to the lastest standards of ISO5211,DIN3337,NAMUR.
Cylinder: ASTM6005 die casting aluminum alloy cylinder block, the hard oxide
End caps: Die-casting aluminum powder spraying a variety of colors
Pistons: Double piston rack, the rigid aluminum oxide, symmetric mounting position, fast operation, long service life, simple reversal of piston can change the direction of rotation.
Travel adjustment: Two independent stroke adjustment screw can be convenient, accurate to 5 ° ± regulation, position.
Spring: High performance spring using quality materials, coating, preloading assembly. Removing single simple actuator, by changing the spring quantity to meet different torque output range.
Bearing: Bearings, guide: Using low friction, long-life compound material, to avoid the direct contact between metals, repair and replacement are easy and convenient.
Seal: Normal use of nitrile rubber. High or low temperature by fluorine rubber or silicone rubber
Control:  Double acting, single acting
Annex: Reversing solenoid valve, limit switch back to the hearing, the electrical positioner, hand wheel mechanism