plug valve

2-Way Plug Valve–Overview:

2-way plug valve: manual, flange connection, packing seal straight-through structure, plug sealing surface material is gray cast iron (X43W-10), cast copper (X43T-10), nominal pressure PN10, valve body material is gray cast iron plug valve. It is suitable for opening and closing the pipeline of water, steam, oil and other media whose working pressure is less than 1.0MPa and temperature is less than 100℃.

2-way plug valve–installation precautions:

When installing the plug valve, in order to prevent damage to the plug valve and ensure the full performance of the plug valve, pay attention to the following four points.

1. Make sure the valve is open. Heat the pipes first. Transfer as much heat as possible from the pipe to the stopcock. Avoid extending the heating time of the plug valve itself.

2. Use gauze or wire brush to remove pipes and cut parts to make their metal surfaces glow and shine. Steel wool is not recommended.

3. First cut the pipe in the vertical direction, trim and remove the burrs, and measure the pipe diameter.

4. Apply flux to the outside of the pipe and the inside of the welding hood, the flux must completely cover the welding surface. Please use flux sparingly.